Sunday, December 18, 2011

catch up

i haven't posted in a bit. just busy with work and hayden's hockey schedule. last week i worked out a ton. this week just 4 days and one of those was extremely little. got a little off track with food but i will be back on track asap.

went to h's christmas concert on friday. i couldn't see him nor could he see me the way they were seated so i was video camera ready in hand with no video after. we have many concerts to go though.

all my runs this week were on the treadmill. 2 of them i did in super speedy fashion. i was quite impressed with myslef.

last night we had a little christmas party for our neighbours and some family. it was fun. a little spiked puch always makes it a little easier for me to enjoy. i haven't worked since thursday, i work monday night and then i don't work again to thursday so it is almost like i have a week off.

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