Thursday, December 22, 2011


so being lazy this week. i think my vitamin d from the cuba trip has run out and i am on empty.

at least i am done my christmas shopping. just need to wrap presents.

i have done something to my foot. i have had a bit of pf issues in my right foot suddenly. normal, i can deal. new issue though on the inside side of my foot. feels bruised. doesn't hurt with weight or touch. sometimes it sends weird zings up my leg too. not sure this a pf issue. never has happened before.

i have done 2 workouts this week. yes i could be working out even now but i am not. not even bothering with an excuse. likely the next time i will workout is christmas day. i am looking foward to it.

been tracking lots. not losing weight though. i have lost inches. well i don't know if i have but my clothes are fitting better. i keep hitting 147lbs then i bounce back up a couple of lbs. can't seem to get below that.

tomorrow the truck should be officially sold. that will be a big relief!

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