Monday, December 12, 2011

christmas time's a coming!

if you know me you know i am a bit of a scrooge. if it wasn't for my son i would probably have nothing to do with christmas if i can help it. i just don't enjoy it. i hate all the hoopla, the spending of money most people don't have to spend and i am not a huge fan of turkey dinner so that isn't even a bonus for me. i am not a religious person either so for me the religious aspects have very little meaning. as i said, i am a scrooge and i know it!

saying all that our tree has been up for a couple of weeks now, our lights our hung and i even made a special door wreath which i got the idea from pinterest. it is pretty cute non?  (it's supposed to be a snowman if you can't tell)

i even baked yesterday. i know that is just CRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAZZZZAAAAYYYY!  i made these smore things which were yummy. that idea also stolen from pinterest. check out the blog the recipe came from. i didn't follow the recipe though so they didn't turn out quite as pretty but they were yummy.

it still freaks me out a bit that my iphone and my home computer link up somehow and music from my computer magically gets on my phone and pictures i take with my phone magically end up on my computer without me EVER attaching the 2 via a cord. i love it though.

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